Wednesday, 26 January 2011

ACS:Law's Andrew Crossley to 'sue the Internet' over emotional distress claims


News is breaking this hour to word that ACS:Law's defeated henchman Andrew Crossley is planning to once again take on his biggest enemy; the very Internet he exploited for his own financial gain.

Hi5 are notorious for their targeted-at-simpletons approach to advertising
Crossley, fresh from his firms court appearance yesterday, has enlisted the help of accident and injury law firm 'Hi5' who are known in the UK for their "had an accident in the past three years?" daytime television advertisements - screenings that have been under close eye by industry regulator OFCOM after complaints of misleading gluttony.

Hi5 is operated by UK-based lawyers Jonathan Miller and Terence Tsang who, according to a statement issued by Hi5, have 'little to no' connection to ACS:Law.

Crossley claims to have undergone an 'untold' amount of stress and anxiety after his website was taken down by cyber-protestors, his email database 'hacked' (leaked by his own firm) and after numerous death and terror threats against him. This, coupled with numerous investigations by the SRA and industry watchdogs seems to have pushed him over the edge.

"I have ceased my work... I have been subject to criminal attack," he said via his barrister to the BBC.

"My emails have been hacked. I have had death threats and bomb threats," Mr Crossley's statement said.

"They've threatened my family, my wife," he exclaimed.  When questioned to whether or not Mr. Crossley was still in contact with his wife he sneered and said "no comment."

The email leak back in September revealed that not only had Andrew's wife left him but Andrew himself carried a huge degree of frustration and resentment towards her and her new partner.

To: <>

You are f***ing joke. Happy? You? With Kevin the drug addled hermit who has nothing to do with you or his family. You are the saddest person I have ever met.

Now get the f*** away from me forever you complete washed up drug addict loser.

Your email has been marked as blocked sender. No further emails from you will be received by me. Do not ever attempt any form of contact with me again as long as you live.

F*** off and keep out of my life.

Andrew your ex husband of 14 years

The leak of this email casts shadows over the validity of the alleged threats against Mr. Crossley's family, a family which appears to consist of little more than profit-orientated associates and large properties based in leafy West Sussex bought via his legally-grey letter sending business.

Crossley fails to address the on-going investigations against his law firm and its 'mind blowing' contempt of the legal system in the eyes of a judge.  For somebody who shrugged an attack on his website off as "typical rubbish from pirates" it strikes us as rather odd that an alleged set of death threats, most likely originating from kids in the US with access to Skype, if anywhere at all, could bring down his entire firm.

When quizzed to who Mr. Crossley plans on bringing legal proceedings against, he stated via his barrister "Pirates. F***ing pirates... The same ones who took my site down and hacked my emails... I know who they are and they will be seeing me soon."

Hi5 and Mr. Crossley declined to give further details of where they obtained the information of the accused pirates.

Perhaps Andrew is relating a little to what the recipients of his letters have stated after being targeted by his firm, excerpts below (thanks Slyck forums) --

"..these accusations are ruining our life as well as causing serious harm to my partner. My partner is disabled and has many health issues so for that fact alone it is devastating for us both.....

...I immediately called my 18 year old son down and started shouting at him....he's in the middle of his A levels at the moment and is really scared which is the last thing he needs at this time of stress.....

....I worry that the only way I can prove it is to take on a very expensive court case. In the meantime I feel smeared, and have to endure lectures from ACS like I was a criminal.....

.....I was trembling, felt light-headed and completely crushed.......It made me feel like a criminal even though I felt sure I had not done anything wrong.....

....My stress levels really started to rise because I did not have a clue where to start on defending myself.....

...My hands were shaking and I felt sick. My heart was racing. What was this all about?...I got myself into such a state...

... she is now convinced that she is going to jail....

...I feel like a criminal....

....nausea, shock, numbness, heart racing, confusion, distress, you name it, I felt it..

...The worry and stress about this has affected the health of myself and my family...

....The effect of this on my health has been devastating: weight loss and sleepless nights. I have even harboured thoughts of suicide on numerous occasions...."

More on this story as it unfolds...


  1. Oh no you didn't...


  2. God I really do hate Andrew Crossley with a passion. We need him locked up.....prepare for more dox to drop on him in the coming days.

    Love the article....perfect mix of truth and satire! LOL


    Hope you don't have a wink of sleep this entire year, ya sack of shite. There'll be plenty of time of zZzZzZing where you're going -- right in between sessions with Fat Tony and HIS 'legal representative' Bubba.


  4. ACS law almost ruined Christmas for my family after we received a letter a few weeks in advance of the big day. Luckily our son who knows his stuff did the research and put all our minds at ease, telling Andrew Crossley to go fuck himself in the process.

    I hope Crossley aka the internet's biggest scrooge had the Christmas he deserved and spends the next one in financial ruin. People like him shouldn't be able to have more than a Job Seekers Allowance in the bank accounts at once.

  5. P2P file sharing has never caused "....nausea, shock, numbness, heart racing, confusion, distress"

    Funny how we're supposed to be in the WRONG, isn't it Andrew you greedy fuck?

    Yet ACS:Law, the face of justice and morality of our generation has been terrorising people and for so long getting away with it.

    Share everything. For every mp3 that blasts across your network equals a day off Crossley's life - now THAT'S justice !!!

  6. rofl, the email from Andrew to his ex wife is priceless!

    "as long as you live."

    Sounds like a death threat to me. Someone should move his ex wife to a secure location and take Andrew into custody as the above displays a clear notion to commit a felony.

  7. Couldn't agree more with the sentiments expressed by all the others here. Personally I hope the excuse for a man, his cronies Tsang and Miller and ANYONE that he employed gets due justice served on them. As for Lee Bowden, may he too join Crossley in the gutter. Never forgive and more importantly never forget.......

  8. As someone in my 60`s, it was devastating to me. I had been diagnosed with a mental illness and that fat plonker sent me over the top. I was very unwell, and to get that rubbish through door tipped me over the edge. About to loose my job, because I can`t function. Hope they take that creep to court and destroy him.

    Total nasty bit of work.

  9. A thug in a suit who cries as soon as he's facing a real threat, Crossley's increasingly big worry nowadays must be how to avoid having to share the kind of file some creative tenant of HM Prisons may wish to bring to his attention.

    The shit-storm of grief awaiting Crossley is the same as that awaiting Bowden, Tsang, Miller and all the other sleazy little leeches that were happy enough to be in the business of fucking over the Courts, the Law, and the people, but are now quaking with fear at the prospect of being fucked over themselves.

    Gonna be a really good year, 2011, as all those connected with a particular firm called Law start taking it up the ACS themselves.

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  11. This shows the difference between truth and law...

    Nice Article .. Appreciate with your article...

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