Thursday, 30 September 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Pirates release ACS:Law 'megapack' of music, tell Andrew Crossley where to shove his letters

News is breaking this morning to the release of a pack via Usenet, BitTorrent and other file sharing platforms which is looking to be one of the biggest insults to ACS:Law since the catastrophically embarrassing email leak.  Inside the pack are all 15 albums and 1 song 'forbidden' from being distributed online by ACS:Law.

We now go live to our reporter in London for more.

From the vast amount of data accumulated online via people who have received letters from ACS:Law in the past, along with the fresh leaked emails, the Internet has managed to compile an extensive list of all the titles currently 'protected' by the rogue law firm.

It is thought that the 'avoid' list will crush ACS:Law's revenue system while hardcore pirates show Andrew Crossley that they cannot and will not be stopped by sharing the music pack on the vast, decentralised BitTorrent protocol.

This has been taken directly from the 'nfo' (text file accompanying the release) of the forbidden music pack, a screenshot of which can be found HERE or HERE:

__      __  _____    _______   ____  __._____________________  _________
/  \    /  \/  _  \   \      \ |    |/ _|\_   _____/\______   \/   _____/
\   \/\/   /  /_\  \  /   |   \|      <   |    __)_  |       _/\_____  \
 \        /    |    \/    |    \    |  \  |        \ |    |   \/        \
  \__/\  /\____|__  /\____|__  /____|__ \/_______  / |____|_  /_______  /
AC!2o1o\/         \/         \/        \/        \/         \/        \/

         .......:::::::: WANKERS Proudly Present :::::::.......
          ACS:Law's 'Share This, Get Sued' Forbidden Music Pack



Aquagen - So Far So Good
Blackguard - Profugus Mortis
Candlemass - Death Magic Doom
Cascada - Evacuate The Dancefloor
Chimaira - The Infection
Deathstars - Night Electric Night
Eluveitie - Evocation I The Arcane Dominion
Epica - The Classical  Conspiracy
Guru Josh - Infinity
Hammerfall - No Sacrifice, No Victory
Hands On Scooter
Mantic Ritual - Executioner
Nightwish - Made In Hong Kong
Samael - Above
Subway to Sally - Kreuzfeuer
Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky - The Grand Partition and the Abrogation of Idolatry

{If you already have one of these releases (identical value) then point this torrent at the directory if you wish, the more sharing the better}
{Remember, there's a chance you could be sent a legal letter should ACS:Law still be in business when you download this, if they choose to target this release should it end up being shared via BitTorrent.  If you are outside of the UK, you will be not be targeted.  If you are using a privacy service, you will not be targeted.  If you recieve a letter then there is plenty of advice out there for you on the web; you don't have to pay a thing.  That said - download at your own risk.}


Right, so here we have the full list of forbidden music Andrew Crossley and ACS:Law have been targeting people over, courtesy of  Big up to Slyck for compiling the list and respect to the original rippers and releasers of this little lot.

Why has this been created?  Well, several reasons...

One; to prove how easily we at WANKERS could acquire these albums and songs.  Do you think it took us hours of trouble?  No, it was point and click business as usual, something anyone with an Internet connection can achieve.

Two; To show ACS:Law and other such firms, agencies and corporations alike that we WILL NOT STOP SHARING despite your 'terror and fear' tactics and your attempts to manipulate politics and the law.

Three; To show artists that employing the likes of ACS:Law is completely detrimental and pointless.  You're throwing money at something you cannot stop, despite what ACS:Law might say to convince you otherwise.  Embrace sharing - be thrilled that so many people are able to access, share and enjoy your creation without any strings attached.

Four; Because we can and always will be able to.

So, P2Pers, go ahead -- download and share this with everyone.  Keep sharing and don't allow yourself to be bullied by the likes of Andrew Crossley, ACS:Law and other such Anti-P2P organizations.  We are the future.   "

A quick scour of the Internet shows that the release can be downloaded via BitTorrent from any of the following mirrors:
Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3 | Mirror 4 | Mirror 5 | Mirror 6 | Mirror 7 | Mirror 8 | Mirror 9 | Mirror 10

More on this breaking news as it unfolds...


  1. LMFAO...hilarious...all over this!!!

  2. Oh shit!

    Firing up the seedbox


  3. Some of the artists in this release will get more exposure from this torrent than their fucking labels would ever give them. Never even heard of most of these so will download with an open mind.

    Go to hell ACS Law... let us show you how music promotion is done. protip: you don't try to stop it from happening. Fucker.


    Try Googling `ACS Law are wankers` now,,I guess Crossley was right when he tried to sue Slyck after someone called him a wanker on their forums, it does indeed ruin your reputation! hahaha


  6. Everything about this screams WIN.

  7. Good work

    FUCK YOU Andrew Johnothan Crossley

  8. Italy are joining you in this,,adding my host to swarm =)

  9. I love you guys, you are fucking awesome


  10. USA checking in on swarm

  11. Goes without saying that the UK are blasting out bandwidth from all angles :D

  12. .nl ready to seed Sir


  14. LOL

    Throwing this on my seedbox for the lulz.

  15. Seeding until the end of time. Greetings from Australia

  16. uk checking in joining the swarm :)

  17. Blasting out the bandwidth from AU, STFU andrew.

  18. Not got much upload bandwidth thanks to Virgin lousy Media but chucking out as many k's as I can. Hell I was sharing mp3s happily on 56k so this throttling bullshit VM are planning ain't gonna stop me.

  19. not my kinda music but fuck me am i gonna seed seven shades of shit outta this torrent :D :D :D

  20. Crossley's website maybe down but his operation is still up and running. Probably trying to maximise profits on the names and payers he already has. We need to get the word out so people stop paying!

  21. Why not join the anti-ACS:Law Facebook group:

    Please invite all your friends!

    Let's send Crossley back to the gutter from where he crawled!

  22. love it, up yours andrew, have a nice day now!

  23. Has anyone seen the photos of Crossley? He sure is one fat suckling pig!

  24. Please remember Andrew Crossley is a fat useless braindead wanker (but he is also very egotistical) hence forth he will at some point read this comment! Won't you Andrew? How does it feel fatman!? You are nothing. We are still us.

  25. Just been checking out Crossley's info on the hardcore warez sites. Their plans for the fatboy are evil!

  26. Imagine that you mae yur living out of threatening OAP's and single mothers! How low can you go Andrew "Fat Wanker" Crossley!

    This fat, useless piece of shit really needs to be jailed! Let's get work anonymous!

  27. WANKERS, you will go down in the hall of fame up there with the greats like FairLight, Razor1911 and all the oldskool rls groups. We look forward to new releases from you in the near future, of which I hear will be plentyful. I salute you, WANKERS.

  28. On Monday 4th October London law firm Gallant Macmillan will apply for a court order to force BT to hand over customer information, repeating the whole ACS:Law scandal.

    Gallant Macmillan will be working on behalf of Ministry of Sound to blackmail people.

  29. I would, but I only download GOOD music ...

  30. Can't stand this music but will seed anyway because this is a great way to show ACS who's boss.

  31. Can we get an all-mp3 compilation that's far less than 1GB in size? We low-bandwidth users want and need to help out!


  33. ^^Low bandwidth guy... use uTorrent to select just a few of the albums and help get those spread. The only way to make it smaller would be to transcode the release which would ruin the quality.. the best way would be to just share what you can. "Every little helps"

  34. New Zealand seeding like a biatch!!

    Go fuck yourself Crossley

  35. Irish seeds churning out some bandwidth for the cause !!!

  36. Gallant Macmillan are planning on continuing where ACS:Law & Crossley left off. has now been taken offline along with Ministry of Sound (their biggest client who wish to sue everyone sharing 'their' (lol) works)

    MoS's payment site has also been brought down.

    This comes on the day where Gallant Macmillan on behalf of Ministry of Sound are going to court to try and get the details of thousands of ISP customers, ACS:Law style.

    Let's keep the bastards down.

  37. I am joining Ddosing Ministry of Sound, these creeps just want to make a little extra cash shaking down random internet users, hopefully it costs them alot more to continue their little scam than they can take in from their victims.

  38. New Zealand a bit late to the party but seeding like CRAZY

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