Monday, 27 September 2010

BREAKING NEWS: ACS:Law to be Sued for Huge Breach of Data Protection

Massive news is breaking this hour as to LEGAL ACTION being taken against ACS:Law and Andrew Crossley by Privacy International (PI).  This is the first in a possible wave of action to be taken since the leak of ACS:Law's email database containing firm secrets and the full information of many of their victims including addresses and credit card numbers, amoungst a vast amount of other information.  You can view PI's full press release which, we are hearing has just gone live, HERE.

The Press Release clearly outlines how the data was obtained and distributed online, stating the importance of noting that the data was made public by ACS:Law web administrators themselves and not via an outside security breach.

Tens of thousands of pieces of information on ACS:Law victims are now publically obtainable exposing their names, addresses, phone numbers, email address, credit card details and the file(s) they have been accused of sharing online.  In many cases these are titles of pornography where the victim 'paying up' could be deemed safer to their reputation than going to court accused of sharing explicit titles online.

UPDATE:  There has now been several mainstream media reports on the situation, see the original breaking ACS:NEWS post for constantly updated links.

ACS:NEWS will be keeping you up to date on this news as it happens...


  1. YES! We knew someone had to take the lead on this, BIG UP PRIVACY INTERNATIONAL!

  2. It's my understanding from the PR that PI has been using researcher Alexander Hanff. This is good news as this guy knows what he's talking about and has been around attempting to protect file sharing and privacy laws for years. Hats off to PI and good luck.

  3. how can i get behind the legal action?? ive been sent a letter and want to find out if my name is on their data base...please help

  4. @Anonymous (3) - I would suggest taking your case over to who will be more than happy to help you. Alex Hanff participates actively in this thread so he and other experienced participants can steer you in the right direction.

  5. heh awesome site! You get a bookmark.


  6. Andrew Crossley's home address should be as on his iTunes Store invoice.

    Folder: \mail\\andrew.crossley\cur

    File: 1280885458.H374814P28779.mail2.dfsv61.eml

    Andrew Crossley
    5 Oak Way
    RH14 0RU Billingshurst

    It might be a good idea to spread this and then the thousands of people that HE sent letters to can SEND HIM a letter to his house.