Tuesday, 28 September 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Sky cuts all ties with ACS:Law, refuses to co-operate any further

Sky cuts all ties with ACS:Law and will no longer co-operate with the scam.  Links are coming in thick and fast, check the breaking news post below for further links.
THIS IS IMPORTANT:  We MUST contact our ISPs and demand they release an official statement ensuring they WILL NOT turn over customer information, do business with or otherwise reveal any data from their customers or logs to ACS:Law.  This event has proven that Andrew Crossley is a legalised con-man and ACS:Law is a scam operating under the pretense of a copyright protection agency; an agency unable to provide any clear evidence to support the validity of the work they carry out, nor follow even the most basic of Data Protection laws.
We want to see ALL UK ISPs fight for their customers rights and REFUSE to cave in to this exposed scam.

Links to the first speaking mainstream media releases: Slyck | The Press Association | The Guardian


  1. Just keeps on getting better...

  2. It's great news but kinda two faced given that, correct me if I'm wrong, it was sky who sent unencrypted personal info of their subscribers to acs law. Yes, ulimately it was acs law at fault given that they were the ones that screwed up. But Sky can hardly throw up their hands and say it wasn't anything to do with them.

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