Thursday, 23 September 2010

ACS:Law, Andrew Crossley Arrested, 'Top Site' Shut Down [April Fools?]

Andrew Crossley, lawyer for one-man 'pay up or else' law firm ACS:Law who have gained plenty of media attention this year for going after alleged Internet file sharers with sketchy yet scary legal letters has been arrested after his website,, was found to be a front for a high-level 'scene' FTP site being hosted on the same IP.

Crossley, notorious for his anti-piracy stance, is said to be a member of the release group 'WANKERS', who specialise in cracking and releasing commercial software and games online.

This comes at a time where the questionable actions taken by law firms like ACS:Law and Davenport Lyons against alledged pirates have been highly condemed not only by the public but by judges and lawyers alike.

Dataflame, ACS:Law's hosting provider, have claimed they did not know about the level of infringement happening on their servers and immediately suspended the account of Andrew Crossley once informed by police.

Crossley could be facing a prison sentence of up to 20 years and an unlimited fine should he be found guilty.

UPDATE (25th September):  According to our sources the last three releases by "WANKERS" have "pre'd" on various affiliated topsites.

** [09/25/2010] [PRE-DOX] ACS.Law.Emails.EML.iNTERNAL-WANKERS

** [09/25/2010] [PRE-MP3] Rick_Astley_feat_Andrew_Crossley-Never_Gonna_Get_My_Site_Back_Up-2010-CDS-WANKERS

** [09/25/2010] [PRE-GAMES] Dream.Pinball.3D.PROPER.CRACKED-WANKERS

According to the NFO accompanying the releases these are to be the last we'll ever hear of Andrew Crossley and his team of WANKERS.

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  1. ROFL, hilarious article! Andrew Crossley/WANKERS will be happy to know that their releases have pre'd on --