Tuesday, 28 September 2010

UK Data Commissioner aims to fine ACS:Law half a MILLION pounds

REPORTING LIVE FROM OUTSIDE THE OFFICE OF UK DATA COMMISSIONER:  The country is waking up to the news that ACS:Law is in MASSIVE breach of the Data Protection Act (DPA) and has been targeted by UK Data Commissioner, Christopher Graham.
"I cant put ACS: Law out of business, but a company that is hit by a fine of up to half a million pounds sufferers real reputation damage."
As the news spreads throughout the country we at ACS:News urge our viewers to do all they can to help bring about the fall of ACS:News and fraudster Andrew Crossley.  Contact your ISP today and voice your concerns; ensure they make a full investigation into their dealings with Crossley and issue a public statement.
Post about this when ever and where ever you can; if you've ever pondered over the reasoning behind social networking sites such as Twitter, you now know their purpose.

Keep a constant eye on the original breaking news report here at ACS:News as coverage will be extensively updated throughout today and further links to ACS:Law's internal email database provided.

[UPDATE] UK's Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham speaks live on BBC News about the HUGE ACS:Law Data Protection leak.



  1. Wow, this is too much. I'm watching this on BBC News 24 as we speak!!!

  2. Now every one that had their privacy compromised needs to bring a class action to finish them off

    £500K is nothing to someone with this lucrative a con.

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