Wednesday, 26 January 2011

ACS:Law's Andrew Crossley to 'sue the Internet' over emotional distress claims


News is breaking this hour to word that ACS:Law's defeated henchman Andrew Crossley is planning to once again take on his biggest enemy; the very Internet he exploited for his own financial gain.

Hi5 are notorious for their targeted-at-simpletons approach to advertising
Crossley, fresh from his firms court appearance yesterday, has enlisted the help of accident and injury law firm 'Hi5' who are known in the UK for their "had an accident in the past three years?" daytime television advertisements - screenings that have been under close eye by industry regulator OFCOM after complaints of misleading gluttony.

Hi5 is operated by UK-based lawyers Jonathan Miller and Terence Tsang who, according to a statement issued by Hi5, have 'little to no' connection to ACS:Law.

Crossley claims to have undergone an 'untold' amount of stress and anxiety after his website was taken down by cyber-protestors, his email database 'hacked' (leaked by his own firm) and after numerous death and terror threats against him. This, coupled with numerous investigations by the SRA and industry watchdogs seems to have pushed him over the edge.

"I have ceased my work... I have been subject to criminal attack," he said via his barrister to the BBC.

"My emails have been hacked. I have had death threats and bomb threats," Mr Crossley's statement said.

"They've threatened my family, my wife," he exclaimed.  When questioned to whether or not Mr. Crossley was still in contact with his wife he sneered and said "no comment."

The email leak back in September revealed that not only had Andrew's wife left him but Andrew himself carried a huge degree of frustration and resentment towards her and her new partner.

To: <>

You are f***ing joke. Happy? You? With Kevin the drug addled hermit who has nothing to do with you or his family. You are the saddest person I have ever met.

Now get the f*** away from me forever you complete washed up drug addict loser.

Your email has been marked as blocked sender. No further emails from you will be received by me. Do not ever attempt any form of contact with me again as long as you live.

F*** off and keep out of my life.

Andrew your ex husband of 14 years

The leak of this email casts shadows over the validity of the alleged threats against Mr. Crossley's family, a family which appears to consist of little more than profit-orientated associates and large properties based in leafy West Sussex bought via his legally-grey letter sending business.

Crossley fails to address the on-going investigations against his law firm and its 'mind blowing' contempt of the legal system in the eyes of a judge.  For somebody who shrugged an attack on his website off as "typical rubbish from pirates" it strikes us as rather odd that an alleged set of death threats, most likely originating from kids in the US with access to Skype, if anywhere at all, could bring down his entire firm.

When quizzed to who Mr. Crossley plans on bringing legal proceedings against, he stated via his barrister "Pirates. F***ing pirates... The same ones who took my site down and hacked my emails... I know who they are and they will be seeing me soon."

Hi5 and Mr. Crossley declined to give further details of where they obtained the information of the accused pirates.

Perhaps Andrew is relating a little to what the recipients of his letters have stated after being targeted by his firm, excerpts below (thanks Slyck forums) --

"..these accusations are ruining our life as well as causing serious harm to my partner. My partner is disabled and has many health issues so for that fact alone it is devastating for us both.....

...I immediately called my 18 year old son down and started shouting at him....he's in the middle of his A levels at the moment and is really scared which is the last thing he needs at this time of stress.....

....I worry that the only way I can prove it is to take on a very expensive court case. In the meantime I feel smeared, and have to endure lectures from ACS like I was a criminal.....

.....I was trembling, felt light-headed and completely crushed.......It made me feel like a criminal even though I felt sure I had not done anything wrong.....

....My stress levels really started to rise because I did not have a clue where to start on defending myself.....

...My hands were shaking and I felt sick. My heart was racing. What was this all about?...I got myself into such a state...

... she is now convinced that she is going to jail....

...I feel like a criminal....

....nausea, shock, numbness, heart racing, confusion, distress, you name it, I felt it..

...The worry and stress about this has affected the health of myself and my family...

....The effect of this on my health has been devastating: weight loss and sleepless nights. I have even harboured thoughts of suicide on numerous occasions...."

More on this story as it unfolds...

"Pirates and the Internet have driven me insane" - Andrew Crossley, ACS:Law


ACS LIVE! ACTION NEWS has dedicated itself to following, reporting and mocking the rise and continual fall of now notorious scam UK Law firm ACS:Law and its head crony Mr. Andrew Jonathan Crossley.

Crossley is a man who has lead a trite and meaningless life full of contempt, slobbery and woeful gloating; dedicating his time to 'getting rich quick' off the backs of a future-thinking nation who believe in progression - and most importantly - sharing.

Proving once and for all that attempting to control the Internet, our nation's last open channel for free and unregulated broadcast, is far from the brightest of ideas, Mr. Crossley is throwing in the towel after being laughed and boo'd out of court.

The first time ACS:News heard Mr. Crossley's voice 'live' was shortly before his website was blasted offline by cyber-protesters.  In either a drink or drugs-fueled, or just plain childish flailing of emotions, Andrew shouted "You can't stop me", "Your muvvaz", "I'll get the f***ing law on you", and other such pearls of wisdom to that effect to our journalist over the phone.  Unfortunately this call was never recorded to see the light of day but one can rest assured this outburst did little to stop the inevitable onslaught that would quickly result in the leaking of ACS:Law's entire database of internal secrets and the methods used to enable this scam to operate in the UK.

The leak was without a doubt the wake-up call needed to push word of this nation-wide scam to the mass media.  The next day the country woke to news of the leak and word of a massive investigation underway by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and the UK Data Commissioner, among others.

File-sharers quickly released 'megapacks' containing all of the music supposedly protected by Crossley and his firm, further humiliating the exposed con-artists and showing just how detrimental appointing firms like ACS:Law is to a content holder's interests.

ISPs country-wide went on record both in and out of court stating that they'd start defending their customers against the likes of ACS:Law and wouldn't be duped again.

Since the leak ACS:Law has attempted and failed to come back online and most importantly rake in as much cash as they can before a possible half a million pound fine that could lead to the firms closure.

The leak ensured that the country was clued up to the goings-on at ACS:Law and the name quickly became synonymous with a get rich quick scam who's legal letters needed filing in the 419, spam and fraud baskets of our nation's homes, causing Crossley to attempt sending his feeble scare-letters under the guise of other law practices.

Now, after ACS:Law's final day in court, an undercover reporter for ACS:News has been on the phone to Andrew Crossley who had this to say:

"I have ceased my f***ing work... I have been subject to criminal attack.  My emails have been hacked. I have had f***ing death threats and bomb threats for f***s sake.  The Internet made me f***ing rich and now the f*** [the Internet] has ruined my f***ing life...  I'm out... There's nothing left for me here, even my f***ing b**** druggie wife hates my f***ing guts.  Let the c***s have their f***ing free music or whatever, I'm done trying to make money off these f***ing pirates.  They've driven me f***ing insane."

This comes in stark contrast to his initial 'on the record' response to the Internet turning on ACS:Law, when Crossley was quoted as saying "Big whoop... It was only down for a few hours. I have far more concern over the fact of my train turning up 10 minutes late or having to queue for a coffee than them wasting my time with this sort of rubbish... [The attack was] typical rubbish from pirates."

Could this be the end of ACS:Law?  We'd love to say yes but it's important we follow this through to the end.  Keep spreading the good word, keep an eye on the usual ACS:Law-related outlets, our Twitter page and your letter box.

The battle for keeping the Internet and our culture open, resourceful and free has only just begun.

ACS:News 2010 - 2011

Monday, 25 October 2010

BREAKING NEWS: ACS-Law blasted off the net, again


It's been almost a month since the initial takedown of ACS:Law's website, leading to one of the biggest data leaks in UK history.  The firms owner and registered solicitor scumbag, Andrew Crossley, is now churning out so-called 'legal' letters at a ridiculous pace in an attempt to scare as much money out of the UK public as he can before the inevitable.

In what's been dubbed a 'drive by' DDoS attack, ACS-LAW.CO.UK has once again been obliterated and taken offline by activists attempting to bring media attention to the tactics used by these law firms to generate revenue under the guise of 'copyright protection'.

The site went offline yesterday evening, GMT, and remains offline this morning.  Sometime during the night the site was removed all together and is now directing to a 'parked' page with little evidence of the scam left on the domain.  Before being knocked offline, ACS-Law appeared to be attempting a full comeback, finally updating their pathetically unprofessional MySpace-esque website with contact links and even, ironically, a home page link to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

A search for ACS Law on Google, Bing or similar search engines now exposes the truth about the rogue law firm with the official site hidden away somewhere in the pages and pages of news about the catastrophic email leak.

If you've received a letter post September 24th - keep everybody updated by joining the official ACS-Law thread on Slyck and in turn gaining mountains of helpful advice.

The Internet was exploited by ACS-Law for profit.  That same Internet, our Internet, is to be its biggest downfall.

UPDATE:  Our reporters' attempts at contacting Andrew Crossley's mobile phone about his website, directly, have been met with a 'number not in service' tone.  You can contact ACS-Law's offices directly on 02071932493 in the UK or 442071932493 internationally and leave a message.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Received a letter from ACS:Law after the 24th September?


Have you or anybody you know received a letter from the team of fraudsters at ACS:Law since the 24th September 2010? (the email leak)

If so, the anti-ACS gurus at Slyck would like to hear from youGo here to find out more.

It doesn't matter if it was your first letter, second, response to a letter of denial or anything else.

We need to keep the news of the ACS:Law scam alive and not allow Andrew Crossley to sneak back into the shadows after the breaking news throughout the past two and a half weeks.

ACS:News recommends you include the following information in your post or message to SlyckTom:
- Date letter received
- What ACS:Law is claiming
- Whether or not it's your first letter
- If you chose to include a scan of your letter remember to block out your personal details (you can do this in Paint)

Your help will put together further journalistic investigation and exposure to the ACS:Law scam which is systematically being torn apart day by day.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

You can also catch up with other people who have received an ACS:Law letter in the near-500-page-long help thread, where you can also post information if you've been targeted by a similar firm.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

ACS:Law - 2 weeks on and STILL threatening the UK public, what can we do?


It has been exactly two weeks since the castrosptropic email leak at notorious 'legalised scam' law firm ACS:Law.  Many, both inside and outside the legal circle believed this would strike the end of the rogue firm and finally put their 'get rich quick' scheme to bed.

Unbelievably 14 days later people are still reporting being harassed by Andrew Crossley for ridiculous sums of between £495 and over £1000.  A post today by Slyck user 'ANGRYMAN' states that he has just received a second letter from ACS telling him to pay up or face ficticious court fines, suggesting that ACS:Law are still in operation.

"Okay Ive been following this thread for some while now as I am one of the many who has been wrongly accused. I got my second letter just now after my first lod had been refused as they say it was a template letter. Utter nonsense as I added half the words to the lod myself. I just copied the paragraph with the law acts involving the CDPA Act 1988 as I am no professional in the law. This letter that I have just received says if I do not pay the £495 within 14 days of receiving this 2nd letter then they will apply to the court for an immediate interim payment of £1000 towards their legal costs. What is this all about. Im innocent , can they do this, get money from you before you even go to court. Its outrageous. This ACS law company are really pushing it now. Threatening people with £1000 up front interim payments before you get taken to court surely cant be right. These people will not intimidate me. Ive not done it. Demanding up front legal costs by a court order before you go to court to cover their costs, whats that all about???" - ANGRYMAN, Slyck forums

As per usual, the helpful crew at Slyck, a forum ACS:Law previously attempted to shut down, jump on board to express their knowledge:

"ACS have been picked up on their lack of transparency re costs and fees before. They'll have plucked the £1000 (too round a figure to be real) out of thin air and would probably attribute it to the cost of sending their letters and other admin (LOL).
In reality the 1K has no other basis other than as an additional scare tactic." - Time on my hands, Slyck forums

"Don't worry about it, as far as I know this threat has no legal basis, as Time on my hands says, it's a scare tactic. A court cannot (will not?) award costs to someone on the basis of an accusation. The only way for this to happen (as far as I'm aware) is to have a trial and one side to be found guilty, and we all know that's not going to happen." - shufferin'shuccotash, Slyck forums

Could ACS:Law be attempting to milk as much from innocent people in what could be the final weeks of their existence?  It seems they're wasting absolutely no time sending out their usual hogwash to the masses that have previously sent ACS letters of denial[EDIT: PI guru Alexander Hanff explains why ACS cannot reject a LoD]

So, what can we do to help put the final nails in the coffin of Andrew Crossley and his team of currently legalised scammers?

Education is key here and what will be most feared by ACS:Law.  This is a firm built on taking advantage of the good, non-confrontational nature of most people, relying heavily, if not solely, on being able to bully via a suite and a letterhead.

A Google search for the law firm now suggests 'scam' as a search phrase, 'leak' as another and lists hundreds of results enlightening those who have fallen victim to an ACS letter to the foul nature of the firms existence.

Let's outline a few things that we, the average internet user, can do to ensure the demise of ACS:Law:
  • Don't stop informing people, the media and any contacts you may have about ACS:Law's operation and the leak.  Perhaps Crossley thinks that in time the chaos caused by the email leaks will 'die down', let's not allow that to happen.
  • Contact the new 'Legal Ombudsman' and the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) who, according to reports, are currently receiving hundreds if not thousands of complaints.  If you've received a letter then use this to your advantage, get in contact with the SRA and add to the numbers.
  • Contact your ISP today and ask them what they are doing to combat these 'IP collection' scams.  UK ISP Xilo has just stated that they WILL NOT hand over any customer data to the likes of ACS and strongly believe that IP collection methods are flawed and hold no real evidence to a case of copyright infringement.  Put pressure on your ISP to release a similar statement - remember BT and Plusnet are now rethinking giving data over so easily.  Let them know that the privacy of their paying customers should be a huge priority and if they cannot prove their will to protect you, you'll be going elsewhere.
Yesterday news broke to the taking down of three Spanish anti-P2P groups -, and by Anonymous, the collective term for nameless internet users using the power of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks as a means of protest.  Think of it as the online equivalant of standing outside of ACS:Law's offices with masks and banners, disrupting their business whilst bringing mass media attention.  The news was covered throughout Spain on national TV stations, radio and of course online.
As yet more 'get rich quick on the Internet' hopefuls jump on the 'sue 'em all' bandwagon, it seems as though there is no shortage of potential targets for Anonymous as the battle for online freedom continues...

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

FileWatch: Proof that ACS:Law DID NOT and CAN NOT stop sharing, employing these firms is futile


Good evening netizens.  As news flies in about new law firms set to take over where ACS:Law left off, BT and the courts tell Ministry of Sound to go away until January and Operation Payback floors yet more targets, we at ACS:News would like to bring you a special segment dedicated to ACS:Law named ACS:News FileWatch.

It's no secret that Andrew Johnathan Crossley and his law firm employed some of the dirtiest tactics in the field of law to make money from the masses but just how well did they do at what they claimed to have been working towards; protecting copyrights?

Last week, news broke to the release of a 'megapack' put up by pirates claiming to contain every album and song ACS:Law were recieving money to protect.  The pirates who released the pack stated that finding each album was simple and that anyone with a connection to the Internet could do it.  Sounds like a challenge, huh?  In this special report, our field team sets out to find the files supposedly protected by Andrew Crossley and finds out whether employing firms like ACS:Law is actually worth the stress on your wallet.


<Music Plays>

<Highlights of forthcoming segment...>

"Oh my god, I can't believe they're right there in front of us...", "<chuckling>Are they going to sue Google next?", "<excitement>Is that every file?  Every last one?  Oh *#$%......", "<shouting>WE'VE GOT A LETTER, I REPEAT WE'VE GOT A LETTER", "<distressed cries>IS EVERYBODY OK... #&$% IS EVERYBODY OK?"

Hello and welcome to ACS:News FileWatch.  In this month’s show we investigate just how well controversial law firm ACS:Law are protecting their client's 'intellectual' interests and if they really can keep people from sharing music on the Internet.

It's a misty early October morning and the team settle down at their desks armed with a list of files supposedly forbidden from the depths of the Internet.  Their aim: to see if, and just how easily the files can be obtained, depsite ACS:Law's claims.

Rachael, 23, was the first in our team to give it a try.  Rachael is tech savvy and uses BitTorrent regularly.  Using a combination of BitTorrent indexers and search engines she was astonished to find ALL of the music 'protected' by ACS:Law in readily downloadable, high-quality formats.

Next up was Matthew, ACS:News' 75 year old field reporter who has very limited experience with computers and the Internet.  "I like to email the grandkids at weekends and sometimes search for pictures of wildlife", says Matt, looking rather daunted by the prospect of being able to find and download an entire forbidden catalogue of music.  “Though according to ACS:Law I’m a big fan of talentless commercial dance act Cascada”, he mutters.  Matt starts by going to Google and searching simply for the titles of the music required followed by strings such as 'download', 'torrent' and 'mp3'.  To Matt's amazement he was able to obtain each and every album at lightening speeds, proving that even technophobes can and will use the Internet to download and share music.
“The grandkids will be proud of their granddad”, explains Matt.  “Maybe they’ll teach me how to share this stuff with others, though I’m not sure I want them listening to it!”

Throughout the day various other people tried the test and gained similar results with most people saying they could find the albums through a combination of Google, various P2P applications, BitTorrent and Usenet.
"I think anyone who plans on investing in ACS:Law should think long and hard before they part with their cash", claims one member of the team.
"I didn't doubt for a second that everything was readily available", claims another.
"If anything I think people will be more inclined to share the music they've been told not to, just to prove a point", says veteran field reporter Matthew.

Below are links to the files the team found.  These files were found using common search engines like Google and Bing and are NOT hosted by ACS:News.


Aquagen - So Far So Good (The Very Best Of) Aquagen_-_So_Far_So_Good-(The_Very_Best_Of)-WEB-2009-eST
Direct Download:  HotFile | RapidShare | MegaUpload | zshare | Uploading | depositfiles | MegaUpload | TurboIt | FreakShare| FileFactory | RapidShare | zshare | NetLoad | FileFront | iFileIt |
BitTorrent: isoHunt | ThePirateBay
Notes: MP3 / LAME 3.97 / 320kbps

Blackguard - Profugus Mortis | Blackguard - 2009 - Profugus Mortis
Direct Download: HotFile | FileServe | depositfiles | MegaUpload | Ziddu | FileSonic | FreakShare | UGotFileRapidShare | zshare | SendSpace | NetLoad | MediaFire | 2shared 
BitTorrent: isoHunt | ThePirateBay
Notes: MP3 / LAME 3.97 / VBRkbps

Candlemass - Death Magic Doom | Candlemass - Death Magic Doom (2009)
Direct Download: HotFile | depositfiles | MegaUpload | EasyShare | FileFactory | UGotFile | RapidShare | zshare | badongo | NetLoad | MediaFire | ZippyShare | 2shared | Ziddu
BitTorrent: isoHunt | ThePirateBay
Notes: MP3 / LAME 3.97 / VBRkbps

Cascada - Evacuate The Dancefloor | Cascada - Evacuate The Dancefloor [2009][CD+Cov]

Direct Download: EasyShare | zshare | 2shared | HotFile | badongo | MegaShare | SendSpace | HotFile | DepositFiles | MegaUpload | TurboIt | UGotFile | RapidShare | NetLoad | MediaFire | MegaShare | ZippyShare | 2shared | Uploadbox | iFileIt | x7 | MegaUpload | Easy-Share | FileSonic | FreakShare | FileFactory | UGotFile | badongo | NetLoad | ZippyShare | 2shared | FileFront | iFileIt | x7
BitTorrent: isoHunt | ThePirateBay
Notes: MP3 / LAME 3.98 / 320kbps 

Chimaira - The Infection (Deluxe Edition) | Chimaira-The_Infection-(Deluxe_Edition)-2009-FNT

Direct Download: RapidShare | zshare | badongo | MediaFire | ZippyShare | 2shared | ShareBase | iFileit | x7 | ziddu | MegaUpload | depositfiles | FileServe | HotFile
BitTorrent: isoHunt | ThePirateBay
Notes: MP3 / LAME 3.97 / VBRkbps

Deathstars - Night Electric Night
Direct Download: zshare | HotFile | 2shared | SendSpace | badongo | MegaShare | MegaUpload | HotFile | depositfiles | MegaUpload | TurboIt | ExtaBit | FreakShare | UGotFile | badongo | NetLoad | | ZippyShare | ShareBase | UploadBox | x7 |
BitTorrent: isoHunt | ThePirateBay
Notes: MP3 / VBRkbps

Eluveitie - Evocation I The Arcane Dominion
Direct Download: HotFile | depositfiles | MegaUpload | Ziddu | FileFactory | RapidShare | zshare | SendSpace | badongo | MediaFire | MegaShare | FileFront | iFileit | x7 
BitTorrent: isoHunt | ThePirateBay
Notes: MP3 / 256kbps

Epica - The Classical Conspiracy | Epica-The_Classical_Conspiracy-2CD-2009-FOAD

Direct Download: HotFile | FileServe | x7 | Uploadbox | bandongo | SendSpace | zshare | RapidShare | Ziddu | MegaUpload | depositfiles
BitTorrent: isoHunt | ThePirateBay
Notes: MP3 / LAME 3.97 / VBRkbps

Guru Josh - Infinity (Single)
Direct Download: HotFile | Zippyshare | SendSpace | HotFile | depositfiles | MegaUpload | Ziddu | Turbobit | FileSonic | Zippyshare | Sharebase | Uploadbox | iFile | x7 | Uploading | zshare | HotFile | depositfiles | MegaUpload | RapidShare | HotFile | FileServe | DepositFiles | MegaUpload | Easy-Share | Ziddu | FileSonic | FileFactory | RapidShare | zshare | SendSpace | MediaFire | FileFront | iFileIt | FileDropper | TurboItExtraBit | FreakShare | UGotFile | zshare | badongo | | ZippyShare | 2shared | ShareBase | UploadBox | x7 | MegaUpload | MultiUpload | Uploading | zshare | HotFile | depositfiles |
BitTorrent: isoHunt | ThePirateBay
Notes: MP3 / LAME 3.97 / 320kbps

HammerFall - No Sacrifice No Victory
Direct Download: despositfiles | MegaUpload | Ziddu | FileSonic | FreakShare | FileFactory | RapidShare | zshare | badongo | MegaShare | ZippyShare | 2shared | HotFile
BitTorrent: isoHunt | ThePirateBay 
Notes: MP3 / LAME 3.97 / VBRkbps

Mantic Ritual - Executioner
Direct Download: HotFile | RapidShare | zshare | x7 | MegaUpload | depositfiles | MediaFire | ZippyShare | 2shared | FileFront | iFileit | SendSpace | badongo | Ziddu
BitTorrent: isoHunt | ThePirateBay
Notes: MP3 / LAME 3.97 / VBRkbps

Nightwish Made in Hong Kong (And In Various Other Places)
Direct Download: zshare | badongo | MediaFire | 2shared | MegaUpload | iFileit | x7 | HotFile | depositfiles | Ziddu | Turbobit | FileFactory | UGotFile | RapidShare
BitTorrent: isoHunt | ThePirateBay
Notes: MP3 / 160kbps

Samael - Above | Samael-Above-2009-FNT

Direct Download: zshare | HotFile | badongo | MegaUpload | despoitfiles | SendSpace | 2shared |
BitTorrent: isoHunt | ThePirateBay 
Notes: MP3 / LAME 3.97 / VBRkbps

Subway To Sally - Kreuzfeuer 
Direct Download: RapidShare | MegaUpload | depositfiles | HotFile | zshare | Uploading | HotFile | iFileIt | UploadBox | ShareBase | MegaShare | | NetLoad | badongo | UGotFile | FreakShare | ExtaBit | depositfiles | MegaUpload | x7 | Zippyshare | NetLoad |
BitTorrent: isoHunt | ThePirateBay
Notes: MP3 / LAME 3.93 / 320kbps 

Success Will Write Apocalypse Across The Sky - The Grand Partition And The Abrogation Of Idolatry | Success_Will_Write_Apocalypse_Across_The_Sky-The_Grand_Partition_And_The_Abrogation_Of_Idolatry-(Advance)-2009 
Direct Download: RapidShare | MegaUpload | depositfiles | Uploading | HotFile | zshare |
BitTorrent: isoHunt | ThePirateBay
Notes: MP3 / LAME 3.97 / VBRkbps

VA - Hands On Scooter | VA-Hands_On_Scooter-2009-hbZ

Direct Download: zshare | | badongo | SendSpace | HotFile | depositfiles | EasyShare | Ziddu | Turbobit | FileSonic |
BitTorrent: isoHunt | ThePirateBay
Notes: MP3 / LAME 3.97 / VBRkbps

So there you have it.  Solid evidence that employing law firms such as ACS:Law to 'protect' your works is not only a pointless waste of money but a sure way to alienate your potential audience, placing you squarely in the 'they are against file sharing' category.

...Back to you in the studio...

Disclaimer: None of the files above are hosted or supplied by ACS:News and are therefore not in breach of any copyright legislation.  ACS:News are merely reporting links as they are found, direct from our NYC news room.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Pirates release another ACS:Law 'megapack', this time it's games...


A peaceful Sunday afternoon in the leafy green suburb where ACS:News is based has been thrown into chaos as news breaks about the release of another 'megapack' by anti-anti-P2P group "WANKERS" who have this time decided to concentrate on releasing the entire video games catalogue ACS:Law and Davenport Lyons have actively pursued individuals over, including one woman who has been thrown into financial ruin after Davenport Lyons successfully sued her for around £16,000, yes, £16k after allegedly sharing the computer game "Dream Pinball 3D" online.

The pack contains much of the gaming content used to target people over sharing in recent years including mobile games, PC games and even a Sony PSP game.

The text below is quoted directly from the "NFO" (information file accompanying the latest release) in which WANKERS outline their reasoning behind the release, dubbed the 'Forbidden Games Pack', following their previous 'Forbidden Music Pack' released last week containing every album and song ACS:Law has attempted to stop people from sharing online.

WANKERS likely chose their name based on action taken against P2P and digital news site Slyck after a user reportedly called ACS:Law head Andrew Crossley a 'wanker', sparking a torrent of legal threats against Slyck from the ACS:Law offices.

" __      __  _____    _______   ____  __._____________________  _________
/  \    /  \/  _  \   \      \ |    |/ _|\_   _____/\______   \/   _____/
\   \/\/   /  /_\  \  /   |   \|      <   |    __)_  |       _/\_____  \
 \        /    |    \/    |    \    |  \  |        \ |    |   \/        \
  \__/\  /\____|__  /\____|__  /____|__ \/_______  / |____|_  /_______  /
AC!2o1o\/         \/         \/        \/        \/         \/        \/

         .......:::::::: WANKERS Proudly Present :::::::.......
          ACS:Law's 'Share This, Get Sued' Forbidden Games Pack

DiRECTORY NAME: ACS.Law.and.Davenport.Lyons.Games.Pack.Vol1.READNFO-WANKERS


Dream Pinball 3D (Topware Interactive) {PC}
Jewel Craft (Bigfish games) {PC}
D.N.A. (Bigfish games) {PC}
Test Drive Unlimited {PSP}
Dance Dance Revolution {iPod/iPhone}
Guitar Hero Mobile {Android/iPod/iPhone/J2ME/WebOS/WinMob}
Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2010 Mobile (Konomi) {iPod/iPhone/J2ME}
Edge (Mobigame) {iPod/iPhone}
365 Soliatire (Connect2Media) {J2ME}
Boulder Dash Rocks! (Magmic) {iPod/iPhone/J2ME/NDS}
Edge (Mobigame) {iPod/iPhone}
Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon (Oasys) {J2ME}
Sid Meier's Pirates! {WinMob}
Crash Test Dummies (Pixalon Studios) {J2ME}
Sid Meier's Civilisation IV: Defenders of the gates (Oasys) {J2ME}
Sid Meier's Civilization IV: War of two cities (Oasys) {J2ME/WinMob}

{If you already have one of these releases (identical value) then point this torrent at the directory if you wish, the more sharing the better}
{Remember, there's a chance you could be sent a legal letter should ACS:Law still be in business when you download this, if they choose to target this release should it end up being shared via BitTorrent.  If you are outside of the UK, you will be not be targeted.  If you are using a privacy service, you will not be targeted.  If you recieve a letter then there is plenty of advice out there for you on the web; you don't have to pay a thing.  That said - download at your own risk.}


...and now we present you a games pack which ACS:Law and Davenport Lyons don't want you playing!  Thanks to Slyck forums & BeingThreatened for compiling lists to help this happen.  This is the follow up to our 'Forbidden Music Pack' - ACS.Law.Forbidden.Music.Pack.READNFO-WANKERS which you can get hold of at (thanks ACS:News)

As many of these games are 'mobile' versions and therefore multi-platform it's been hard finding out exactly which versions were being targeted by ACS:Law and Davenport Lyons.  So, we released the lot to be absolutely sure.

Unlike the music pack, some of this stuff was actually a little more difficult to get hold of but nothing someone with access to a 56k modem and Google couldn't accomplish.  Hopefully this more obscure stuff will get spread a little further now, similar to the semi-unknown titles in the music pack.

We have left out some big popular titles here, i.e. Call of Juarez, Colin McCrae Dirt and Two Worlds due to bandwidth/time issues.  We might include these in Vol2 but if you want to get hold of these games, just do the following:

Call of Juarez {PC}: Google 'Call.Of.Juarez.Bound.In.Blood-Razor1911' or search for 'Call.Of.Juarez.Bound.In.Blood-Razor1911' on your favourite torrent site.
Colin McCrae Dirt {PC}: Google 'Colin.McRae.DiRT-RELOADED' or search for 'Colin.McRae.DiRT-RELOADED' on your favourite torrent site.
Two Worlds {PC}: Google 'Two_Worlds-Razor1911' or search for 'Two_Worlds-Razor1911' on your favourite torrent site.

That was difficult, huh?  Way to lock down the Internet, ACS:Law!

There may be the odd obscure version of the mobile stuff missing but WANKERS unfortunately doesn't have access to every mobile device to test these releases.  If we've missed anything that people are getting harassed over then post on Slyck ( or in the comments section on ACS:News (, we read both these sources.  We'll do our best to provide them in a Vol2 release.

Why has this been created?  As before...

One; to prove how easily we at WANKERS could acquire these files.  Do you think it took us hours of trouble?  No, it was point and click business as usual, something anyone with an Internet connection can achieve.

Two; To show ACS:Law, Davenport Lyons and other such firms, agencies and corporations alike that we WILL NOT STOP SHARING despite your 'terror and fear' tactics and your attempts to manipulate politics and the law.

Three; To show artists that employing the likes of ACS:Law is completely detrimental and pointless.  You're throwing money at something you cannot stop, despite what ACS:Law might say to convince you otherwise.  Embrace sharing - be thrilled that so many people are able to access, share and enjoy your creation without any strings attached.

Four; Because we can and always will be able to.

So, P2Pers, go ahead -- download and share this with everyone.  Keep sharing and don't allow yourself to be bullied by the likes of Andrew Crossley, ACS:Law, Davenport Lyons and other such Anti-P2P organizations.  We are the future. "

As usual, we at ACS:News are able to provide you with up-to-the-minute links to the situation.  You can download and share the pack via BitTorrent from any of the following:
Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3 | Mirror 4 | Mirror 5 |

Thursday, 30 September 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Pirates release ACS:Law 'megapack' of music, tell Andrew Crossley where to shove his letters

News is breaking this morning to the release of a pack via Usenet, BitTorrent and other file sharing platforms which is looking to be one of the biggest insults to ACS:Law since the catastrophically embarrassing email leak.  Inside the pack are all 15 albums and 1 song 'forbidden' from being distributed online by ACS:Law.

We now go live to our reporter in London for more.

From the vast amount of data accumulated online via people who have received letters from ACS:Law in the past, along with the fresh leaked emails, the Internet has managed to compile an extensive list of all the titles currently 'protected' by the rogue law firm.

It is thought that the 'avoid' list will crush ACS:Law's revenue system while hardcore pirates show Andrew Crossley that they cannot and will not be stopped by sharing the music pack on the vast, decentralised BitTorrent protocol.

This has been taken directly from the 'nfo' (text file accompanying the release) of the forbidden music pack, a screenshot of which can be found HERE or HERE:

__      __  _____    _______   ____  __._____________________  _________
/  \    /  \/  _  \   \      \ |    |/ _|\_   _____/\______   \/   _____/
\   \/\/   /  /_\  \  /   |   \|      <   |    __)_  |       _/\_____  \
 \        /    |    \/    |    \    |  \  |        \ |    |   \/        \
  \__/\  /\____|__  /\____|__  /____|__ \/_______  / |____|_  /_______  /
AC!2o1o\/         \/         \/        \/        \/         \/        \/

         .......:::::::: WANKERS Proudly Present :::::::.......
          ACS:Law's 'Share This, Get Sued' Forbidden Music Pack



Aquagen - So Far So Good
Blackguard - Profugus Mortis
Candlemass - Death Magic Doom
Cascada - Evacuate The Dancefloor
Chimaira - The Infection
Deathstars - Night Electric Night
Eluveitie - Evocation I The Arcane Dominion
Epica - The Classical  Conspiracy
Guru Josh - Infinity
Hammerfall - No Sacrifice, No Victory
Hands On Scooter
Mantic Ritual - Executioner
Nightwish - Made In Hong Kong
Samael - Above
Subway to Sally - Kreuzfeuer
Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky - The Grand Partition and the Abrogation of Idolatry

{If you already have one of these releases (identical value) then point this torrent at the directory if you wish, the more sharing the better}
{Remember, there's a chance you could be sent a legal letter should ACS:Law still be in business when you download this, if they choose to target this release should it end up being shared via BitTorrent.  If you are outside of the UK, you will be not be targeted.  If you are using a privacy service, you will not be targeted.  If you recieve a letter then there is plenty of advice out there for you on the web; you don't have to pay a thing.  That said - download at your own risk.}


Right, so here we have the full list of forbidden music Andrew Crossley and ACS:Law have been targeting people over, courtesy of  Big up to Slyck for compiling the list and respect to the original rippers and releasers of this little lot.

Why has this been created?  Well, several reasons...

One; to prove how easily we at WANKERS could acquire these albums and songs.  Do you think it took us hours of trouble?  No, it was point and click business as usual, something anyone with an Internet connection can achieve.

Two; To show ACS:Law and other such firms, agencies and corporations alike that we WILL NOT STOP SHARING despite your 'terror and fear' tactics and your attempts to manipulate politics and the law.

Three; To show artists that employing the likes of ACS:Law is completely detrimental and pointless.  You're throwing money at something you cannot stop, despite what ACS:Law might say to convince you otherwise.  Embrace sharing - be thrilled that so many people are able to access, share and enjoy your creation without any strings attached.

Four; Because we can and always will be able to.

So, P2Pers, go ahead -- download and share this with everyone.  Keep sharing and don't allow yourself to be bullied by the likes of Andrew Crossley, ACS:Law and other such Anti-P2P organizations.  We are the future.   "

A quick scour of the Internet shows that the release can be downloaded via BitTorrent from any of the following mirrors:
Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3 | Mirror 4 | Mirror 5 | Mirror 6 | Mirror 7 | Mirror 8 | Mirror 9 | Mirror 10

More on this breaking news as it unfolds...

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Sky cuts all ties with ACS:Law, refuses to co-operate any further

Sky cuts all ties with ACS:Law and will no longer co-operate with the scam.  Links are coming in thick and fast, check the breaking news post below for further links.
THIS IS IMPORTANT:  We MUST contact our ISPs and demand they release an official statement ensuring they WILL NOT turn over customer information, do business with or otherwise reveal any data from their customers or logs to ACS:Law.  This event has proven that Andrew Crossley is a legalised con-man and ACS:Law is a scam operating under the pretense of a copyright protection agency; an agency unable to provide any clear evidence to support the validity of the work they carry out, nor follow even the most basic of Data Protection laws.
We want to see ALL UK ISPs fight for their customers rights and REFUSE to cave in to this exposed scam.

Links to the first speaking mainstream media releases: Slyck | The Press Association | The Guardian

UK Data Commissioner aims to fine ACS:Law half a MILLION pounds

REPORTING LIVE FROM OUTSIDE THE OFFICE OF UK DATA COMMISSIONER:  The country is waking up to the news that ACS:Law is in MASSIVE breach of the Data Protection Act (DPA) and has been targeted by UK Data Commissioner, Christopher Graham.
"I cant put ACS: Law out of business, but a company that is hit by a fine of up to half a million pounds sufferers real reputation damage."
As the news spreads throughout the country we at ACS:News urge our viewers to do all they can to help bring about the fall of ACS:News and fraudster Andrew Crossley.  Contact your ISP today and voice your concerns; ensure they make a full investigation into their dealings with Crossley and issue a public statement.
Post about this when ever and where ever you can; if you've ever pondered over the reasoning behind social networking sites such as Twitter, you now know their purpose.

Keep a constant eye on the original breaking news report here at ACS:News as coverage will be extensively updated throughout today and further links to ACS:Law's internal email database provided.

[UPDATE] UK's Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham speaks live on BBC News about the HUGE ACS:Law Data Protection leak.