Monday, 25 October 2010

BREAKING NEWS: ACS-Law blasted off the net, again


It's been almost a month since the initial takedown of ACS:Law's website, leading to one of the biggest data leaks in UK history.  The firms owner and registered solicitor scumbag, Andrew Crossley, is now churning out so-called 'legal' letters at a ridiculous pace in an attempt to scare as much money out of the UK public as he can before the inevitable.

In what's been dubbed a 'drive by' DDoS attack, ACS-LAW.CO.UK has once again been obliterated and taken offline by activists attempting to bring media attention to the tactics used by these law firms to generate revenue under the guise of 'copyright protection'.

The site went offline yesterday evening, GMT, and remains offline this morning.  Sometime during the night the site was removed all together and is now directing to a 'parked' page with little evidence of the scam left on the domain.  Before being knocked offline, ACS-Law appeared to be attempting a full comeback, finally updating their pathetically unprofessional MySpace-esque website with contact links and even, ironically, a home page link to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

A search for ACS Law on Google, Bing or similar search engines now exposes the truth about the rogue law firm with the official site hidden away somewhere in the pages and pages of news about the catastrophic email leak.

If you've received a letter post September 24th - keep everybody updated by joining the official ACS-Law thread on Slyck and in turn gaining mountains of helpful advice.

The Internet was exploited by ACS-Law for profit.  That same Internet, our Internet, is to be its biggest downfall.

UPDATE:  Our reporters' attempts at contacting Andrew Crossley's mobile phone about his website, directly, have been met with a 'number not in service' tone.  You can contact ACS-Law's offices directly on 02071932493 in the UK or 442071932493 internationally and leave a message.


  1. Quick everyone, grab your mp3s while you still can! ACS is down!

    Oh wait, for file sharers it's business as usual.

    Fuck you Crossley!


  2. 442071932493

    Andy is at his office and answering the phone. GO GO GO

  3. yet more people complaining about receiving letters today.

    looks like more and more people are becomming aware and research before sending a penny.

  4. Just a few points, as ACS:Law desperately up the ante. Letters from them sent out during October 2010 have addressed some points that are not updated in the LOR suggestions at
    1. In previous letters from ACS is had been noted that ACS were NOT accusing any so-called infringer in a personal capicity. However the new batch of letters categorically do accuse the respondant, with many references to 'you'
    2. It appears that ACS are trying another tack in refering to the 1988 CPDA Act sections 16, 17 and 20 and specifically section 16(1)(a). Be careful that you are aware of these sections, and restructure any template derived LOC reference that quote sections 16(1)(d)
    3) The order derived thru Chief Master Winegarten, which forms part of the packaged threat from ACS clearly instructs ACS law in section 10 of the order, specifically that the FIRST paragraph af a letter to any potential Defendant should be worded as ordered. It may be worthy to note that an ammended version of the wording actually appears in the second paragraph of the ACS Letter of Claim.

    Or is this just splitting hairs?

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