Monday, 11 October 2010

Received a letter from ACS:Law after the 24th September?


Have you or anybody you know received a letter from the team of fraudsters at ACS:Law since the 24th September 2010? (the email leak)

If so, the anti-ACS gurus at Slyck would like to hear from youGo here to find out more.

It doesn't matter if it was your first letter, second, response to a letter of denial or anything else.

We need to keep the news of the ACS:Law scam alive and not allow Andrew Crossley to sneak back into the shadows after the breaking news throughout the past two and a half weeks.

ACS:News recommends you include the following information in your post or message to SlyckTom:
- Date letter received
- What ACS:Law is claiming
- Whether or not it's your first letter
- If you chose to include a scan of your letter remember to block out your personal details (you can do this in Paint)

Your help will put together further journalistic investigation and exposure to the ACS:Law scam which is systematically being torn apart day by day.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

You can also catch up with other people who have received an ACS:Law letter in the near-500-page-long help thread, where you can also post information if you've been targeted by a similar firm.


  1. And don't forget to back the fight in other countries.

  2. So who are you and what are your credentials?

  3. How about we all start up blogs where we review all the files on ACS Laws roster and give them terribly dire reviews? Even if we like them. Atrocious review. I'm sure that would account for loss of sales. We don't even have to listen or watch them. One look at the cover is more than enough.

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