Sunday, 3 October 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Pirates release another ACS:Law 'megapack', this time it's games...


A peaceful Sunday afternoon in the leafy green suburb where ACS:News is based has been thrown into chaos as news breaks about the release of another 'megapack' by anti-anti-P2P group "WANKERS" who have this time decided to concentrate on releasing the entire video games catalogue ACS:Law and Davenport Lyons have actively pursued individuals over, including one woman who has been thrown into financial ruin after Davenport Lyons successfully sued her for around £16,000, yes, £16k after allegedly sharing the computer game "Dream Pinball 3D" online.

The pack contains much of the gaming content used to target people over sharing in recent years including mobile games, PC games and even a Sony PSP game.

The text below is quoted directly from the "NFO" (information file accompanying the latest release) in which WANKERS outline their reasoning behind the release, dubbed the 'Forbidden Games Pack', following their previous 'Forbidden Music Pack' released last week containing every album and song ACS:Law has attempted to stop people from sharing online.

WANKERS likely chose their name based on action taken against P2P and digital news site Slyck after a user reportedly called ACS:Law head Andrew Crossley a 'wanker', sparking a torrent of legal threats against Slyck from the ACS:Law offices.

" __      __  _____    _______   ____  __._____________________  _________
/  \    /  \/  _  \   \      \ |    |/ _|\_   _____/\______   \/   _____/
\   \/\/   /  /_\  \  /   |   \|      <   |    __)_  |       _/\_____  \
 \        /    |    \/    |    \    |  \  |        \ |    |   \/        \
  \__/\  /\____|__  /\____|__  /____|__ \/_______  / |____|_  /_______  /
AC!2o1o\/         \/         \/        \/        \/         \/        \/

         .......:::::::: WANKERS Proudly Present :::::::.......
          ACS:Law's 'Share This, Get Sued' Forbidden Games Pack

DiRECTORY NAME: ACS.Law.and.Davenport.Lyons.Games.Pack.Vol1.READNFO-WANKERS


Dream Pinball 3D (Topware Interactive) {PC}
Jewel Craft (Bigfish games) {PC}
D.N.A. (Bigfish games) {PC}
Test Drive Unlimited {PSP}
Dance Dance Revolution {iPod/iPhone}
Guitar Hero Mobile {Android/iPod/iPhone/J2ME/WebOS/WinMob}
Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2010 Mobile (Konomi) {iPod/iPhone/J2ME}
Edge (Mobigame) {iPod/iPhone}
365 Soliatire (Connect2Media) {J2ME}
Boulder Dash Rocks! (Magmic) {iPod/iPhone/J2ME/NDS}
Edge (Mobigame) {iPod/iPhone}
Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon (Oasys) {J2ME}
Sid Meier's Pirates! {WinMob}
Crash Test Dummies (Pixalon Studios) {J2ME}
Sid Meier's Civilisation IV: Defenders of the gates (Oasys) {J2ME}
Sid Meier's Civilization IV: War of two cities (Oasys) {J2ME/WinMob}

{If you already have one of these releases (identical value) then point this torrent at the directory if you wish, the more sharing the better}
{Remember, there's a chance you could be sent a legal letter should ACS:Law still be in business when you download this, if they choose to target this release should it end up being shared via BitTorrent.  If you are outside of the UK, you will be not be targeted.  If you are using a privacy service, you will not be targeted.  If you recieve a letter then there is plenty of advice out there for you on the web; you don't have to pay a thing.  That said - download at your own risk.}


...and now we present you a games pack which ACS:Law and Davenport Lyons don't want you playing!  Thanks to Slyck forums & BeingThreatened for compiling lists to help this happen.  This is the follow up to our 'Forbidden Music Pack' - ACS.Law.Forbidden.Music.Pack.READNFO-WANKERS which you can get hold of at (thanks ACS:News)

As many of these games are 'mobile' versions and therefore multi-platform it's been hard finding out exactly which versions were being targeted by ACS:Law and Davenport Lyons.  So, we released the lot to be absolutely sure.

Unlike the music pack, some of this stuff was actually a little more difficult to get hold of but nothing someone with access to a 56k modem and Google couldn't accomplish.  Hopefully this more obscure stuff will get spread a little further now, similar to the semi-unknown titles in the music pack.

We have left out some big popular titles here, i.e. Call of Juarez, Colin McCrae Dirt and Two Worlds due to bandwidth/time issues.  We might include these in Vol2 but if you want to get hold of these games, just do the following:

Call of Juarez {PC}: Google 'Call.Of.Juarez.Bound.In.Blood-Razor1911' or search for 'Call.Of.Juarez.Bound.In.Blood-Razor1911' on your favourite torrent site.
Colin McCrae Dirt {PC}: Google 'Colin.McRae.DiRT-RELOADED' or search for 'Colin.McRae.DiRT-RELOADED' on your favourite torrent site.
Two Worlds {PC}: Google 'Two_Worlds-Razor1911' or search for 'Two_Worlds-Razor1911' on your favourite torrent site.

That was difficult, huh?  Way to lock down the Internet, ACS:Law!

There may be the odd obscure version of the mobile stuff missing but WANKERS unfortunately doesn't have access to every mobile device to test these releases.  If we've missed anything that people are getting harassed over then post on Slyck ( or in the comments section on ACS:News (, we read both these sources.  We'll do our best to provide them in a Vol2 release.

Why has this been created?  As before...

One; to prove how easily we at WANKERS could acquire these files.  Do you think it took us hours of trouble?  No, it was point and click business as usual, something anyone with an Internet connection can achieve.

Two; To show ACS:Law, Davenport Lyons and other such firms, agencies and corporations alike that we WILL NOT STOP SHARING despite your 'terror and fear' tactics and your attempts to manipulate politics and the law.

Three; To show artists that employing the likes of ACS:Law is completely detrimental and pointless.  You're throwing money at something you cannot stop, despite what ACS:Law might say to convince you otherwise.  Embrace sharing - be thrilled that so many people are able to access, share and enjoy your creation without any strings attached.

Four; Because we can and always will be able to.

So, P2Pers, go ahead -- download and share this with everyone.  Keep sharing and don't allow yourself to be bullied by the likes of Andrew Crossley, ACS:Law, Davenport Lyons and other such Anti-P2P organizations.  We are the future. "

As usual, we at ACS:News are able to provide you with up-to-the-minute links to the situation.  You can download and share the pack via BitTorrent from any of the following:
Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3 | Mirror 4 | Mirror 5 |


  1. .NL all over this one.. still seeding the music pack too of course. Keep 'em coming WANKERS!! LOL

  2. It was "Hickster" who called Terence Tsang a wanker. Although it wsas point in a question. "Terence Tsang....Who is this wanker?"


  3. Dear Sirs,

    Terence Tsang is a wanker.

    Best regards,

    Andrew Crossley
    ACS:Law Solicitors

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