Wednesday, 26 January 2011

"Pirates and the Internet have driven me insane" - Andrew Crossley, ACS:Law


ACS LIVE! ACTION NEWS has dedicated itself to following, reporting and mocking the rise and continual fall of now notorious scam UK Law firm ACS:Law and its head crony Mr. Andrew Jonathan Crossley.

Crossley is a man who has lead a trite and meaningless life full of contempt, slobbery and woeful gloating; dedicating his time to 'getting rich quick' off the backs of a future-thinking nation who believe in progression - and most importantly - sharing.

Proving once and for all that attempting to control the Internet, our nation's last open channel for free and unregulated broadcast, is far from the brightest of ideas, Mr. Crossley is throwing in the towel after being laughed and boo'd out of court.

The first time ACS:News heard Mr. Crossley's voice 'live' was shortly before his website was blasted offline by cyber-protesters.  In either a drink or drugs-fueled, or just plain childish flailing of emotions, Andrew shouted "You can't stop me", "Your muvvaz", "I'll get the f***ing law on you", and other such pearls of wisdom to that effect to our journalist over the phone.  Unfortunately this call was never recorded to see the light of day but one can rest assured this outburst did little to stop the inevitable onslaught that would quickly result in the leaking of ACS:Law's entire database of internal secrets and the methods used to enable this scam to operate in the UK.

The leak was without a doubt the wake-up call needed to push word of this nation-wide scam to the mass media.  The next day the country woke to news of the leak and word of a massive investigation underway by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and the UK Data Commissioner, among others.

File-sharers quickly released 'megapacks' containing all of the music supposedly protected by Crossley and his firm, further humiliating the exposed con-artists and showing just how detrimental appointing firms like ACS:Law is to a content holder's interests.

ISPs country-wide went on record both in and out of court stating that they'd start defending their customers against the likes of ACS:Law and wouldn't be duped again.

Since the leak ACS:Law has attempted and failed to come back online and most importantly rake in as much cash as they can before a possible half a million pound fine that could lead to the firms closure.

The leak ensured that the country was clued up to the goings-on at ACS:Law and the name quickly became synonymous with a get rich quick scam who's legal letters needed filing in the 419, spam and fraud baskets of our nation's homes, causing Crossley to attempt sending his feeble scare-letters under the guise of other law practices.

Now, after ACS:Law's final day in court, an undercover reporter for ACS:News has been on the phone to Andrew Crossley who had this to say:

"I have ceased my f***ing work... I have been subject to criminal attack.  My emails have been hacked. I have had f***ing death threats and bomb threats for f***s sake.  The Internet made me f***ing rich and now the f*** [the Internet] has ruined my f***ing life...  I'm out... There's nothing left for me here, even my f***ing b**** druggie wife hates my f***ing guts.  Let the c***s have their f***ing free music or whatever, I'm done trying to make money off these f***ing pirates.  They've driven me f***ing insane."

This comes in stark contrast to his initial 'on the record' response to the Internet turning on ACS:Law, when Crossley was quoted as saying "Big whoop... It was only down for a few hours. I have far more concern over the fact of my train turning up 10 minutes late or having to queue for a coffee than them wasting my time with this sort of rubbish... [The attack was] typical rubbish from pirates."

Could this be the end of ACS:Law?  We'd love to say yes but it's important we follow this through to the end.  Keep spreading the good word, keep an eye on the usual ACS:Law-related outlets, our Twitter page and your letter box.

The battle for keeping the Internet and our culture open, resourceful and free has only just begun.

ACS:News 2010 - 2011


  1. VICTORY! The good people of the Internet prevail!

    Let's pray that the law rightfully throws the book at Crossley. He CANNOT be allowed to practice law again... I for one won't rest until he's disbarred altogether.

  2. The book? I suggest they throw the whole damn library at this idiot.

  3. With crossley hopefully out of the way we can now turn our attention to combating the digital economy Act which if anything codifies many of Crossley's practices and evidence into law.

  4. Just typical rubbish from pirates, eh Andrew?

    I hope you pay dearly for the stress you've put decent people through.

  5. Being the victom of a so-called "terror attack" was a tactic played by the Church of Scientology when they came under the internet's watchful eye. They played their card in an attempt for their fraudulent organisation to come across as a victim of a "hate crime" or a "crime against religion". The police proved they were fabricating nonsense but that didn't stop them releasing videos all over YouTube and talking to the press about how they were being "victimised".

    It's simply damage control. If someone was to read that a man was the subject of death threats, most people would take sympathy instantly think "victim", painting them in a very different light to the actual truth. Word get's around and before you know it anyone associated with the the overthrowing of ACS:Law and file sharing in general is considered to have no morals and be a boarderline terrorist.

    This is exactly the tactic behind putting Julian Assange in the spotlight with Wikileaks, ruining his reputation and then allowing mass propogation of the story to sum supporters of Wikileaks up as pirates, terrorists and hate-mongers.

    Don't fall for this trollop. The only victims here are the people who have fallen target to a firm based around lies and an unknown amount of greed.

  6. Crossley is trying to say he's shut up shop because of death threats? Bollox. No one's buying that, surely? He's been booted out of court on every occasion he's tried to litigate since the leak and he's under just about every watchdog's investigation. He deserves to be jailed for this scam or at the very lest forced to pay back the millions he's supposed to have made.

    So Andrew's now trying to spin it as though some kids on the other side of the world with Skype have run him out of business? Hilarious ! If a full-on internet investigation is "typical rubbish from pirates", how can an alledged bunch of prank calls be considered enough to shut ACS-Law down altogether?

    What aren't you telling us, Andy? You greedy fuck.

  7. Hey Andrew, all aboard the fuckin' LATE TRAIN already... The rest of us are trying to get to work!

  8. @3-Agreed. The DEA needs at least as much attention from the net as ACS Law received. Digital Economy is truly one of the most backwards things that could happen to this country's technological progression.

  9. "ACS:News 2010 - 2011"

    Does this mean that's the end of this blog? :/

    Hats off to whoever's been behind this ACS News guise...I've enjoyed reading all this over the last few months after being linked from Slyck...whoever you are, consider going into drama writing or at least make a cameo on Have I Got News For You because this blog has been as ridiculously hilarious as it has been informative!

    fantastic news to go out on regardless :)

  10. Think of all the problems we face on a day to day basis. Health worries, financial worries, stress. Now imagine being a little less technical and then waking up one morning to a letter demanding money, a court case and criminal proceedings.

    Think about all the turns and bumps that go on in the average decent person's life, then throw that into the mix.

    Crossley is a person living a very black and white, mediocre existance. He doesn't think outside the box and lives to make money.

    Imagine if it was someone in your family on the recieving end of one of these letters with no knowledge of where to go for help.

    ACS:Law are the lowest of the low when it comes to ambulence chasing shysters and deserve nothing but contempt and pain for what they've put people through.

    Crossley is trying to worm out of the investigation by claiming emotional bankrupcy before any investigations have completed. He's taking the legal system for a ride and must be stopped. I with nothing but pain on this horrific excuse for a human being after what he's done to good, decent people around here.

    I hope they pay dearly.

  11. If anyone wants another interview with me I can be contacted on 02071932493 from the UK or 442071932493 internationally.

    Please note I may be leaving work early today as I've made my millions and am now undergoing a huge bout of stressm. Anyone who causes me further anxiety will be taken to court.

  12. Crossley you're a fucking laughing stock. DON'T BACK DOWN UNTIL HE'S GIVEN EVERY PENNY BACK TO HIS VICTIMS.



    (j/k... well, kinda)

  14. Hahahaha!!! Don't think you can escape that easily, Mr Crossley.

  15. I was in on Mumble when that call to Crossley`s now defunct mobile number was made. He really did come across as the most arrogant piece of filth online... laughing at gloating saying there's nothing we can do. Him and Jonathan Miller (if it's not the same person) are thick as thieves.

    How does it feel, Andrew? How does it feel to be on the receiving end of what you've only brought upon yourself?

    Don't for a second think it'll end here. The Interweb doesn't forget that easily. The Interwebs won't rest until you're banned from practicing law and repay every penny you have taken you ugly, grotesque excuse for a man.

  16. "My family" -- What fuckin' family? From the leaked emails it's clear his wife left him (thank god) and he thinks she's a "drug addled hermit bitch".

    You're a loner with nothing but profit-attempting associates to cling on to, Andy. You don't deserve anybody else.

    You alienated everyone in your life and your wife is so much better off without you it's laughable. You're a walking JOKE!

  17. not that i'd agree with anyone issuing death threats ( which i highly doubt... but seeing as this got all over 4chan too it wouldnt surprise me if some kids did some anonymous calls at some point...which is missing the point) i cant say that i'd shed a tear if anything did indeed happen to crossley, miller and tsang. the world would undoubtedly be better off without these kinds of selfish, in-it-for-themselves types leeching off everybody else. there is no positive side effects to these peoples existence.

  18. Anyone else hear the world's smallest violin bustin out some riddimz?

  19. This site and everyone involved in it will be taken to court for slander. Andrew Crossley might have stopped suing pirates but he still has his riches and will fuck you and your families up.

    A. Lawyer

  20. Come get me Crossley you bulbous WANKER!

  21. A toast... to internet freedom!


  23. COMPARE THE MEERKATZJanuary 26, 2011 6:44 pm

    Just left a message for Mr Crossley on 0207 1932493 offering him a cheaper deal on his business insurance.

    " Email leaks added over £100,000 to ACS:Law's insurance costs and tore the firm apart - "

  24. News of this is spreading like wildfire. Just chuck ACS Law into Google or Bing, it's an absolute rampage! Who wants to pay the ACS offices a visit to see how business is doing this week outside of their file sharing scams?

  25. Call 02071932493 and tell Andrew or Johnathon just how much you wish you could pay up on behalf of your poor ol' grand accused of downloading XXX HARDCORE COCKS 9 or whatever other horseshit has come through her postbox.


  26. This from Slyck.

    I have ceased my work...I have been subject to criminal attack. My e-mails have been hacked. I have had death threats and bomb threats," - Andrew Crossley

    Then we have the REAL victims, the people who have been bullied and victimised by ACS:Law

    "..these accusations are ruining our life as well as causing serious harm to my partner. My partner is disabled and has many health issues so for that fact alone it is devastating for us both.....

    ...I immediately called my 18 year old son down and started shouting at him....he's in the middle of his A levels at the moment and is really scared which is the last thing he needs at this time of stress.....

    ....I worry that the only way I can prove it is to take on a very expensive court case. In the meantime I feel smeared, and have to endure lectures from ACS like I was a criminal.....

    .....I was trembling, felt light-headed and completely crushed.......It made me feel like a criminal even though I felt sure I had not done anything wrong.....

    ....My stress levels really started to rise because I did not have a clue where to start on defending myself.....

    ...My hands were shaking and I felt sick. My heart was racing. What was this all about?...I got myself into such a state...

    ... she is now convinced that she is going to jail....

    ...I feel like a criminal....

    ....nausea, shock, numbness, heart racing, confusion, distress, you name it, I felt it..

    ...The worry and stress about this has affected the health of myself and my family...

    ....The effect of this on my health has been devastating: weight loss and sleepless nights. I have even harboured thoughts of suicide on numerous occasions...."

    You deserve to fucking die, Crossley. No amount of threats will be enough for you after what you've done to people in the name of lining your wallet. I hope you get what you deserve.

  27. YOU'RE THE BIGGEST JOKE IN LEGAL HISTORY ANDY...!!! Topping yourself would be the only honourable thing left to do. Like a THICK, RIDICULOUS, BUMBLING NINJA.


  28. ACS: Illegal Activity Just Gets Better

    The controversial London-based law firm which sent tens of thousands of letters demanding payment from people it accused of illegal filesharing has also illegally signed a consent order to cover the fraudulent dealings of a known un-discharged bankrupt.
    Andrew Crossley, the founder and lead solicitor at ACS Law has been best friends with Spyros Melaris a known un-discharged bankrupt since 1994:

    Mr Crossley has worked on many cases including obtaining a release from Pentonville Prison for Spyros Melaris for evasion of HMRC payments.
    The Solicitors Regulation Authority is currently investigating the practices of ACS Law and Andrew Crossley.

    Ultimate Finance Group PLC an FSA regulated PLC lent funds to Waterfall Media Ltd, whose sole director, Spyros Melaris, (an un-discharged bankrupt) to run his Porn Channels: Hotel Voyeur on BSkyB television.

    Spyros Melaris was famously expelled by the Magic Circle and the Council were quoted in The Independant newspaper:

    "The behaviour was so bad; it was the passing of unfounded rumours which affected a number of people on council." He added that there was "absolutely no chance" of Mr Melaris being let back in: "No. He has produced the worst kind of behaviour the society has seen in its history."

    Ultimate Finance Group PLC is trying to hide from its shareholders that they allowed £300,000 funding to a known un-discharged bankrupt that they identified some weeks prior to signing contracts with him, and as proven in an email by their CEO Richard Pepler. They allowed the £300,000 facility for Mr Melaris to run Porn Channels.

    Bet Richard Pepler enjoyed that site visit !

    The manoeuvres used by Ultimate Finance Group PLC and their lawyers, possibly in collusion with Mr. Melaris and his lawyer Andrew Crossley resulted in a fraudulent consent order being signed allowing Mr Melaris to escape the case scot free and leaving innocent victims (once again via ACS Law) to pick up the tab.

    Amazingly a court ruling relying on bogus information passed through the system to allow this to happen.

    Mr Melaris was the creator of the fake Alien Autopsy movie made in 1995 and therefore forgeries are clearly his speciality. All of this information was well known by Ultimate Finance Group PLC prior to signing the facility to Mr Melaris’s company who specialise in Porn.

    It is possible this situation is just one example of inappropriate lending by Ultimate Finance Group PLC? Or do they just lend hundreds of thousands of pounds to known bankrupts to run Porn.

    If Heineken made factoring companies .....

  29. Friends in high placesJanuary 26, 2011 10:45 pm

    Slanderous allegations will be met with you facing criminal charges in court. Think about it and shut this site and its comment system down before we shut YOU down.

  30. Friends in high placesJanuary 26, 2011 10:50 pm

    it's also worth mentioning that we have your IP (INTERNET PROTOCOL) addresses from when you HACKED our website. These can be matched to the comments here and in turn to your home network.

    Each and every one of you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Just try me.

    If this site isn't down by tomorrow then there will be hell to pay.

  31. to: the above poster

    It's 11:30am the next day and I'm still able to post here.

    I assume your band of lawyers are on route to my IP/home address as I speak?


  32. Friends in high places said...
    it's also worth mentioning that we have your IP (INTERNET PROTOCOL) addresses from when you HACKED our website. These can be matched to the comments here and in turn to your home network.

    Each and every one of you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Just try me.

    Do you know what I think about that:
    "Big whoop... I have far more concern over the fact of my train turning up 10 minutes late or having to queue for a coffee than you wasting my time with this sort of rubbish... "

  33. Andrew Crossley is a ScientologistJanuary 27, 2011 3:43 pm

    @Friends in high places

    Typical rubbish from lawyers. I'm far more concerned with my download finishing 10 minutes late then wasting my time on your sort of rubbish.


    You should know that one of your recepients was Class C vechile driver who often is behind the wheel of ambulences. If I ever, ever see you in my rear view mirror I'm stopping, reversing and crushing. Oh, and you should know that none of my collegues will want to touch you with a 10 foot bargepole, so don't expect help OR compensation. You sad, evil old man.

  35. Hahaha! Great writeup

    Andrew expects to be labeled a victim after what he's done to innocent people? His arrogance in the light of those quotes from his victims says it all. He's everything that's wrong with people with connections to authority, government and the law.

    I hope he rots. Scum.

  36. I'M GOING TO KILL ANDREW CROSSLEY!!!!!!!111111111

  37. ^Above -- Not if I beat you to it. ;-)

  38. Andrew still believes that he is in the RIGHT robbing people for money, he really believes his own lies.

    Here's a tip for you Andy:

    Sharing = Right
    Stealing = Wrong

    What you do falls into the second category as you ROB via fear and a photocopier.

    What WE do falls into the first as we share what we love with our fellow man.

    So FUCK YOU, your kind will never spread your corrupt moral set onto my children. We know the difference between right and wrong and don't need scum like you and this pathetic government telling us otherwise.

  39. BTW we need a protest organised for when the Digital Economy Act fully drops.

    It's time to take back our planet from these corrupt, profit-driven, morally-bankrupt fucksticks!

  40. This is not the only scam ACS has been up to of late; check out this link for more on ACS….

  41. Andrew Crossley is a parasite on society and needs putting down by the UK like Egypt put down Hosni Mubarak.

    Selfish, backwards-living CUNT.

  42. Funny how this site was never sued. Guess Crossley never found the contact page? Oh wait, there isn't one! Look at poor Slyck having to deal with lawsuits from this meathead.

    Crossley, if you ever read this, I think you're a parasite and a WANKER.

    Best regards,


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